Older Men Who Date Younger Women And How It Affects Your Children

Hello All! I am writing an article on Older Men who date Younger Women and am focusing on the perspective of the Older Man’s grown, adult children. So, If you are a son or daughter who’s father had dated or married someone much younger, or dated someone  close to your age, I’d like to hear from you.

In the movie “Legally Blonde”, younger-women-dating-older-menReese Witherspoon convicted a young girl who accidentally shot and killed her father, when she attempted to shoot his younger girlfriend. On the stand, the daughter yelled to the jury, “How would you feel if your father was dating someone as young as me?’ In the film, “Just Mick” (about Mick Jagger), his daughter called out to him as he was leaving their house, “have a good time tonight dad, but don’t date anyone younger than me”.  The phenomenon of older men with younger women is not something new, and it appears to be increasing in our society with time. With this being the case, what is the effect on the adult children of these men? As in the two cases indicated above, both daughters had strong feelings about their fathers dating younger women / women their age.

How does this dating affect the adult sons and daughters of these older men? What feelings are triggered by this behavior? What situations did you find yourself dealing with as a result? How did it affect you? What situations have you encountered as a result of his dating someone much younger than he / or younger than you?  What situations / feelings have you dealt with that you would not, if your father was with someone more his age? How has it affected your vision of your family, your relationship with your dad, your feelings about yourself, your future? Has it affected you on a physical, emotional, spiritual level?

Tell Me About Your Experience

As a Marriage and Family therapist, I believe this is a situation that has potential to come up more and more in individual therapy, couples therapy and family therapy. I believe it is particularly challenging for the adult children in this situation, and that they have a perspective that needs to be validated and heard. I would appreciate hearing your story/ feelings / concerns / experiences and how this topic has affected you, your situation, your life, your family.

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