SALCE Evaluations

SALCE stands for “Substance Abuse and Life Circumstance Evaluation“. SALCE evaluations are sometimes ordered by the court after a drug or alcohol arrest or charge. Another reason might be that your attorney may also want you to have the evaluation to assess whether or not you do have a drug or alcohol problem.

Your appointment will consist of two parts, a written evaluation and a verbal interview.

The written evaluation consists of 98 questions. Most questions require a “yes” or “no” answer. The report provides:

  1. Analysis of your level of alcohol and/or drug use
  2. Analysis and verification of truthfulness of answers provided
  3. Analysis of your current stressors that may trigger alcohol or drug abuse
The verbal interview consists of reviewing the SALCE Pre- Evaluation Sheets you have printed and brought with you. After you have completed the interview, I combine the results of the questionnaire and the interview and write a formal report including a clinical summary that is sent to your attorney within the next few days. The attorney brings this to the judge on your court date. The overall report assesses responses from the written and verbal assessments regarding drug and/or alcohol dependency or addiction and any other relevant information. When necessary, suggestions for treatment are recommended. We also discuss the law on alcohol and driving and how you can avoid alcohol related problems in the future.



Spanish SALCE questionnaires can be given to those who are more comfortable,reading and writing  in Spanish. Although I speak some Spanish, the interview is done in English so please bring someone to interpret for you if you do not speak English.


All appointments are scheduled via phone. Once you call, appointments are made as soon as possible, usually within 2 or 3 days. Completed reports are then faxed and or sent to your attorney within a couple of days.

My evaluation needs to be completed and sent to your attorney prior to your court date. Let me know your court date when you make your appointment so you can be sure it will be submitted in time.

Instruction to take the evaluation:

  1. The evaluation takes approximately 1 hour.
  2. Please print and complete the SALCE Pre Evaluation Sheets and bring them with you when you come to your appointment.
  3. Payment can be made in cash or by credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discovery only – no American Express).
  4. Please provide the name of your attorney, the name of the law firm, and the office and fax number where I will be sending your results.
  5. If you need a copy of your SALCE for your probation officer, bring his/her name and fax number at the time of your evaluation and a copy will be faxed in addition to the copy sent to your attorney. There is no extra charge for the evaluation to be sent to your probation officer if this is requested at the time of the appointment. There is an extra charge for SALCE evaluations requested to be sent weeks after the appointment.
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