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Almost everyone I see gets reimbursed denise-o-doherty-9through their insurance with Out-of-Network benefits. You may want to check with your insurance company to see if you are covered with Out-of-Network benefits. I will give you a receipt which will include all the necessary information needed by the insurance company. If you are covered, you can file with them and they will reimburse you directly once your deductible has been met. You may want to find out your deductible, what percent of each session is covered and if there is a limit to the number of sessions allowed.

How to get money back from your insurance company and the difference between In-Network and Out-of Network benefits.  Be informed!

At any given time, 95% of all my clients receive money back from their insurance company for individual, couples, family or group therapy. How much you get back is determined by what benefit package you have chosen or what your company has chosen for you. Usually the bigger the company, the better the benefits.

My practice uses only out-of-network benefits. I specifically have chosen this over in-network because of Confidentiality. If you use In-Network benefits, the therapist receives a limited amount of visits to see the client. When that is over, more visits need to be “approved”. To get “approved” for more, the therapist has to either verbally talk to an insurance representative or write reports giving confidential information to the insurance company. The insurance company uses this information to decide if they will give more visits. The client has no say as to what personal information is being shared because with In-Network it is a required part of continuing visits.

With Out-of-Network visits, the insurance company requires a diagnosis only. Personal details remain confidentially between the therapist and the client. Period. My clients and I discuss and decide together the diagnosis.

With In-Network, there is a co-pay. With Out-of-Network you pay up front for the visit and get reimbursed by the company later. I find that companies today are quick to reimburse. Is the amount you pay more significant? The majority of people I see with a standard company, i.e.: Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, etc., get 50-60% back. Oil and Gas employees get an average of 70 to 80% back. There is not much difference for some between a co-pay or what you end up paying with an out of network policy. Yet, you have confidentiality and other benefits that are routinely not mentioned by the insurance company.

I hope this gives you some helpful information to consider about insurance and reimbursement.

Fees / Session Length

The fee for each session is required at the time of service. Hourly sessions last approximately fifty (50) minutes. An hour and a half session would last 75 continual minutes. I can accept cash, checks and credit cards, but no American Express.

Individual (50 min.) $175 Reports or Letters $85 per 30 min.
Family (50 min.) $180 Returned Checks $25 per check
Couples (50 min.) $180 Missed Appointments Service Rate
Group (90 min.) $70 Court/Attorney Consultation $275 per hour
Consultation (50 min.) $175 Individual (In Person or by Phone – 30min)  $85 per 30 min



Your session time is reserved for you. Twenty four (24) hour notice is required for cancellations or you will be charged the full service rate. Cancellations for Monday are required to be made on Friday.

***Please make any appointment changes or cancellations via phone only. ***

No email or texts please. My office phone has call notes and therefore will accept no texts.

If you have a scheduled couples session, and one person cannot make the appointment, the other person is welcome to attend as an individual appointment at an individual rate, and avoid being charged for a missed couples session.

Emergency Policy

My practice is by appointment only as opposed to crisis intervention. If you are in a crisis and want to talk to me, please call me and leave a message. I check my voice mail and messages several times a day and can be reached by calling 713-524-9525. If I am out of the office on vacation or leave, I will have someone “on call” that you may contact in my absence. In case of an emergency and you can not reach me, you can call 911, United Way Crisis Hotline 713-228-1505, MHMRA Crisis Unit 713-970-7000 or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Contact Information and Office Hours


3131 Eastside is centrally located off West Alabama between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway.


3131 Eastside St., Suite 435 Houston, TX 77098


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There is a covered parking garage attached to the building. You may park there or on the street. If you come after 6PM or on the weekend,  I will give you a code to get in.


Monday thru Thursday 9 AM to 7 PM, Friday 9 AM to 4 PM. Hours are by appointment only.

Phone: 713-524-9525
Fax: 713-862-9121


Contact me at 713-524-9525 or fill out the form below. I welcome your call and will reply within 24 hours so we can discuss your specific situation and how therapy can be beneficial to you.

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