Relationship Therapy: The Do’s & Don’ts of Online Dating

Unsure about the effectiveness of on line dating? Statistics now reveal that:

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ONE IN EVERY FIVE homosexual couples meet on line.

People attempt to meet someone on line for many reasons. Mainly, because you can meet someone you wouldn’t meet in your everyday life. Also, because you can take your time reading about someone who may be a potential date without any pressure. And because you  have more control in the process. So, go for it! Just keep in mind a few things.

1) It takes months to really know and trust someone. Trust needs to be earned.

2) And chemistry, although wonderful, does not meet compatibility. Be together, but take time to really know each other.

3) Be wary of someone who wants to move in too soon or get married in two weeks.

4) And this is coming from my divorce mediator friend, don’t do any thing that would cost you money to get out of in the first six months! IE: buy a house, get a joint checking account, go into business.

Although you may be looking for a long time partner, a date is to enjoy the company and companionship of another. Keep it simple and have fun!