Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post traumatic stress disorder occurs when someone re-experiences a psychologically terrifying or distressing event, that is outside the usual range of human experience, resulting in intense fear, terror and helplessness.

Situations that can result in PTSD are: Personal assaults (incest, rape, being bullied, battered or abused), war, natural disasters, learning of a loved one’s serious accident or injury. There is also, destruction of a home or valued resources, witnessing a scene or serious accident or act of violence in which there are dead and/ or maimed bodies, involvement in a major fire, plane crash, hostage situation.

Symptoms include:

  • Re-experiencing the traumatic event with flashbacks, dreams and or nightmares of the event or intensedistress with events that resemble or represent the event.
  • Trying to avoid thoughts or feelings associated with the trauma (refusal to go to places that are reminders of the event)
  • Restricted unresponsiveness (general numbing, decreased affect, diminished interest, with-drawl from others).
  • Hypersensitivity and anxiety.

The onset of responses can happen immediately after the event, or months, or even years later.
  If not treated, these responses can last for excessive amounts of time.   

How Therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Can Help

The purpose of therapy is to relieve and eliminate the distressing symptoms associated with PTSD and restore balance, and the ability to integrate the post traumatic event into a life experience without fear or apprehension.

Symptoms can decrease quicker when replaced by healthier thoughts and therapeutic intervention.

How I Can Help 

As your therapist, I can take you through the necessary steps to get to the other side. This includes giving you a safe space to do the work necessary to overcome the debilitating PTSD symptoms and help you gain influence over the traumatic event. You learn desensitization and adaptive strategies to help you gain mastery and control over the traumatic event and to over come being controlled by the painful consequences. Other helpful areas I include in this work are integrating aspects of self-care, relaxation exercises and future goals.

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