Overcoming Shame & Increasing Self-Esteem

We take our self-esteem everywhere we go and it affects everything we do. It is how we see ourself. It is essential in life because it is proven to affects our health, relationships, work performance, attitude towards others and our attitude towards life.

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– affects how we see the world and our place in it
– makes it possible to cope with disappointments and changes
– affects how others see and treat us
– influences us to make choices that are in our best interest
– affects our ability to give and receive love and find happiness

Low Self Esteem:

– reduces our ability to feel in control
– makes us vulnerable to depression
– influences us to see ourself as less talented, less able
– encourages us to make choices that are not in our best interest
– pursuades us to let others get their way at our expense

Shame is often at the core of Low Self Esteem. Shame is feeling bad about ourselves, even though we have done nothing wrong. Its a feeling that we are “less than” others and that there is something wrong with us. It comes from childhood. We formed an image of how worthy we are based on how we were treated as a child. Although many people with shame have achieved success and status, they often feel empty or broken despite their  success.

How I Can Help

In therapy, we identify various blocks that sabotage good self esteem. We identify your level of shame and how you have managed it up to now. We then replace the old thinking and patterns with new thinking based on truths in your life today and the vision of how you want to feel about yourself and how you want to manage your life and get results that work for you. This is done be various exercises and skills that you will learn to make lasting changes. These changes result in an improved level of confidence in yourself and ability to manage life on your terms.

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