GLBT Couples Therapy

Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual and Transgender Couples

GLBT couples and heterosexual couples often glbt couples therapy gay couples therapy lesbian couples therapy bisexual couples therapy transgender couples therapy counseling for glbt couples counseling for gay couples counseling for lesbian couples counseling for bisexual couples counseling for transgender couples marriage counseling for glbt couples marriage counseling for gay coupless marriage counseling for lesbian couples marriage counseling for bisexual couples marriage counseling for transgender couples couples counselor for glbt couples couples counselor for gay coupless couples counselor for lesbian couples couples counselor for bisexual couples couples counselor for transgender couplesshare similar relationship problems such as  poor communication, lack of intimacy, not feeling heard or appreciated, affairs, sex, money, and issues concerning differences in parenting and issues regarding children.  Although GLBT couples may share some of these, there are other issues related specifically to being GLBT that may also be addressed in therapy. These may include but not be limited to: coming out, (with family, friends, at the workplace etc.), dealing with discrimination (from family, friends, at the workplace),  religious discrimination, sexual issues, legal discriminaion, adoption, gender issues, gender dysphoria, crossdressing or  transitioning. 

How I Can Help

Therapy is a safe place where your issues will be handled with confidentiality and respect. We can work through your specific issues to identify problems, develop insight, resolve issues and achieve positive and lasting results.  I have worked with GLBT people for 25+ years and am familiar with various issues directly related to the GLBT community and GLBT relationships.

Contact me at 713-524-9525 or fill out the form below. I welcome your call so we can discuss your specific situation and the benefits therapy may provide for you.

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