Antidepressant Use Rises in Rich Nations

Great article expressing concern about over use of medication rather than talking therapy in Antidepressant use rises in rich nationsThe Guardian Weekly (British Newspaper) dated 11/29/13.  Most psychiatrists agree that antidepressants work for people with severe illness but are not supposed to be the first resort for those with mild depression. The article supports the use of antidepressants but says that, “Experience broadly shows that while antidepressants can be effective at treating symptoms of depression, it is talking therapies that will help patients understand what is happening to them, and how to avoid relapse. The chances of a recurrence of depression are far higher in people who do not have some form of psychiatric therapy than for those who do”. We know that drugs do work, but they can’t cure unhappiness. This article supports medication for clinical depression, yet stresses the value of  psychotherapy to help people deal with and manage frustration, adversity, sadness and situational dilemmas.