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Assert Yourself: Personal Boundaries and Effective Confrontation

Have you ever thought of the perfect thing to say hours after the discussion or argument ended? What stopped you from saying then? Having boundaries in relationships means defining what behaviors are OK with you, and which aren’t. It’s about knowing how to maintain your sense of self, while teaching people how to treat you. This class will help you identify and understand the dynamics of passive, assertive and aggressive personalities and show you how to effectively deal with these styles while maintaining your assertiveness. Additionally, the class explains a step by step method of how to confront someone effectively, and identifies ways to overcome being manipulated, controlled and intimidated. Understanding these dynamics puts you in control, and makes getting what you want, clearer and easier. Come see how your personal boundaries can create healthy relationships, confidence and personal success. 

personal-boundaries-and-conflict-resolutionWorkbook is NOW AVAILABLE! (available to purchase day of class via cash or credit card or call Denise at 713-524-9525)



Romantic & Intimate Relationships: How to Make It Work

Your dream of finding and keeping a loving and truly compatible relationship is healthy, natural and achievable. Whatever your history, you deserve to have love and passion in your life. This class will cover essentials of a healthy relationship, how to seek suitable and compatible romantic partners and what it means to be “emotionally available”. We will also identify the three stages of relationships, what to expect at each stage, skills to overcome the power struggle, and how to manage differences in personality styles.  We will cover effective communication skills, how to develop empathy, trust and intimacy, how to overcome jealousy, and how to achieve successful problem resolution. The class is based on concepts that have a record of proven results for spark, chemistry and long term success in loving relationships.



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All classes are 2 hours long and $39.99each.

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(2 hours of CEU’s are available for Social Workers and Licensed Professional Counselors for $5 per class)