• Denise provides counseling to individuals, couples, and families of varying age, gender, race and sexual orientations.
  • Denise is available for phone or Skype consultations / psychotherapy for those out-of-town or at a distance.
  • 3131 Eastside Street is centrally located near West Alabama between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway.

"The purpose of therapy is to create positive changes, to enhance ones sense of self and to find manageable and empowering solutions to life's challenges."

Marriage & Relationship Therapy

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Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Making the decision to be free from addiction requires information, education, direction and support. Drug and alcohol therapy can provide you with resources to begin, continue, and support your sobriety and recovery. Therapy can give you the support, direction and information you need to begin and maintain sobriety and recovery. [ More ]

Gender Identity/ Transgender

Therapy is a safe place where gender dysphoria, transgender or gender non-conforming, is seen as a matter of diversity and not pathology.Therapy offers options for alleviating your symptoms of gender dysphoria. [ More ]

Premarital Counseling

Sharing your life with a partner and making a commitment is an exciting and challenging adventure. It will invariably introduce you to new interactions and new challenges. It is a great idea to look in advance at the issues you will be facing in order to be properly-prepared when the time comes and to give yourself the best chance of making your marriage a success. [ More ]

Codependency & Personal Boundaries

Codependency is putting others needs and feelings ahead of yours, at your expense. The problem with this, is that it keeps you from knowing and expressing your own values and beliefs and minimizes the truth about how you feel and who you are! Therapy can teach you various proven skills to overcome codependency [ More ]

Anxiety & Depression

Major depression is a mood state that goes well beyond temporarily feeling sad or blue. Untreated anxiety and depression can lead to more serious health conditions. Therapy can guide and support you to take steps to get to the other side. Therapy can restore a life with purpose, with plans for the future, where you can enjoy life again. [ More ]

IMAGO Relationship Therapy

IMAGO is a specific model of ideas and techniques that helps couples to go deeper and find more meaning in their relationship. I am a certified IMAGO Relationship Therapist and I often utilize IMAGO techniques to help to resolve inter-personal problems in relationships. It also focuses on how to overcome the "power struggle" in relationships resulting in more intimacy, trust and better communication. [ More ]

Upcoming Presentations and Classes

Personal Boundaries and Effective Confrontation which teaches how to deal with confrontation and Romantic & Intimate Relationships: How to Make It Work that provides insight into finding the love of your life. [ More ]

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